Records Section

The Records Section is a clearinghouse of information for the Sheriff’s Office. All records and reports generated by Sheriff’s Office personnel are archived in the Records Section and information contained in those reports is entered into a database for retrieval and analysis. The Records Section  is in compliance with State and Federal reporting mandates, including the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, as well as intergovernmental agencies collecting data for the purpose of sharing information both nationally and internationally.


The Records Section provides accident statistics for enforcement activities as well as for analysis by State and local government and engineering firms for roadway construction planning. Services provided to the public include fingerprinting, visa letters, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) responses, and access to reports.

Vehicle Occupant Demographic Reports

In 2003, the Illinois Legislature mandated all police officers report demographics of occupants of vehicles pulled over for discretionary traffic stops. The data is analyzed by Northwestern University against the community’s demographic makeup to protect against racial profiling.


The Records Section staff is responsible for maintaining the sex offender registration files and sex offender website for the Lake County Sheriff’s jurisdiction. An updated list of sex offenders in Lake County is disseminated quarterly to Lake County schools and daycare facilities.
records dept