Consultant Selection

NOTICE: Effective March 2020, advertisements requesting Statements of Interest/Statements of Qualifications will be published through the DOT portion at the Lake County Purchasing Portal.

Read step by step instructions on how to register as a Lake County Consultant (Registered Vendor) in order to access SOI/SOQ project information.

Is your firm a registered vendor on the Lake County Purchasing PortalThe Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) no longer maintains a Consultant List. To receive notices of SOI/SOQ advertisements, sign up as a vendor on the Lake County Purchasing Portal. When signing up, be sure to view all the Industry Categories and check all that apply. Companies may have multiple contacts registered.

Has your contact information changed? Companies are responsible for editing their registered vendor contact  information on the Lake County Purchasing Portal. For assistance, please contact LCDOT at the phone or email on this page.

Not receiving email notifications?  Check your company's registered vendor contact information on the Lake County Purchasing Portal. For assistance, please contact LCDOT at the phone number or email address on this page. 

Government Procurement Spotlight: Professional Services 

In local government, much of what we do and how we do it is dictated by State and sometimes Federal laws. Lake County government purchases a variety of goods and services and there are different ways to procure those services depending on what it is. For example, when hiring architects, engineers and land surveyors, Lake County (and local governments) are required to use the Professional Services Selection process and award these contracts through a “Qualifications Based Selection.” This allows the county to evaluate a firm based on experience and expertise relative to the project, and cost is negotiated after the most highly rated firm is selected.

How does it work? When professional services are needed, the department develops the project scope and then publicly advertises the request for services. Interested firms submit a Statement of Interest (SOI) and Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) and a selection committee made up of professionals from the department evaluate the proposals and select a minimum of three firms to participate in an interview/presentation. They rank the firms based on several criteria including their expertise and past related experience. The county then begins negotiating the number of hours it will take to complete the scope of services. The final contract is then presented to the Lake County Board for approval.

Following this process is required by State and Federal law. It provides value to the county and helps us deliver cost-effective, efficient services to our residents because our Lake County team of professionals has selected the most qualified firm to perform the work. These firms are then qualified to do similar work in the future, based on their past successful performance.

Learn More: Qualifications Based Selection FAQ’s