Community Services Team

The prevention of crime is a primary role and goal of all law enforcement agencies. It is when crimes are prevented from occurring that society is best served. The term “crime prevention” applies to the before-the-fact efforts or measures removing and/or reducing criminal opportunity.

Community Education & Crime Prevention
The mission of the Community Services Team is to provide residents the knowledge to help prevent crime. Deputies empower residents, local governments and organizations by providing them with crime prevention strategies and techniques. A well-informed, safety-minded public reduces criminal victimization and improves the quality of life. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office partners with local governments and organizations invested in community safety including the Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force, Lake County Opioid Initiative and Lake-McHenry Veterans and Family Services, as well as, social service agencies, civic organizations and local governments. 

Throughout the year, deputies participate in public speaking engagements at schools, local governments, hospitals, corporations, civic organizations, community events, neighborhood associations and more. On average, three to four speaking engagements are held weekly. Annually, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office offers a Citizens Police Academy and membership to the Sheriff's Senior Advocates Program. The Sheriff's Office also participates in the Lake County Fair, Lake County Senior Expo and the Lake County Law Enforcement Expo.