The Administrative Division of the Sheriff’s Office provides support services and training for all personnel, maintains accurate departmental records and completes the statutory responsibilities of providing courtroom security and judicial sales along with the service of criminal warrants and civil process.

The Administrative Division is segmented into the following sub-divisions; Court Security Unit, Support Services Unit and Strategic Services Section. 

The Support Services Unit consists of the Judicial Sales Team, Records Section, Strategic Services Section and the Training Team.

The Strategic Services Section consists of the Civil Process and Warrant Services functions.
  1. Civil Process Team

    Deputies assigned to Civil Process act as the administrative arm of the court fulfilling the Sheriff’s statutory responsibilities to serve all civil papers directed to the Sheriff. You can reach us at 847-377-4400.

  2. Community Services Team

    The mission of the Community Services Team is to provide residents the knowledge to help prevent crime. You can reach us at 847-377-4211.

  3. Court Security Unit

    The responsibilities of the Court Security Officers assigned to the Court Security Unit include protecting judges, safe-guarding juries, maintaining decorum in the courtrooms and executing all lawful orders and instructions of the court. You can reach us at 847-377-4911.

  4. Judicial Sales Team

    The Judicial Sales Team enforces all court-ordered foreclosure sales issued by the 19th Judicial Court. You can reach us at 847-377-4401.

  5. Records Section

    The Records Section is a clearinghouse of information for the Sheriff’s Office. You can reach us at 847-377-4200.

  6. Training Section

    The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Training Section provides quality training for its employees, enabling employees to provide quality service to the public. You can reach us at 847-377-4350.

  7. Warrant Services Team

    The Sheriff’s Office maintains the constitutional and statutory requirement to enforce criminal warrants directed to them by the Lake County Circuit Court. You can reach us at 847-377-4300.