For Local Government

  1. Community Certification

    Certified Communities administer the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance (WDO) within their own community limits. The recertification process occurs every three years through the SMC, usually in conjunction with the WDO amendment process.

  2. Designated Erosion Control Inspector Program

    Learn how to become a Designated Erosion Control Inspector.

  3. Enforcement Officers

    Every Lake County municipality is required to have a designated Enforcement Officer (EO) per the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance (WDO). The EO oversees the implementation of the WDO within that community.

  4. National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

    The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a FEMA program. FEMA can only make flood insurance available in those communities that agree to regulate future development in the floodplain.

  5. NPDES Phase II

    The goal of NPDES Phase II is to preserve, protect, and improve water quality resources by reducing pollutants in stormwater runoff.

  6. Online Resources

    Browse our online resources.

  7. Permits & Approvals

    View information on permitting and approvals from the Stormwater Management Commission.

  8. Rainfall

    SMC has a rain gauge network of 17 gauges located on mainstem and tributary locations of the major rivers. Daily data is recorded by each gauge.

  9. Stormwater Best Practices

  10. Watersheds

    A watershed is an area of land draining to a river or stream. It includes rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands. Everyone lives in a watershed and everyone contributes to the health of the watershed.

  11. Wetlands

    View resources for wetlands management and development.