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  1. Winter Deicing Workshops

    Registration for the 2023 Virtual Deicing Workshops is now open! The 2023 Deicing Event is a virtual workshop for snow and ice management professionals of Northeast Illinois. Read on...
  2. FEMA Public Notice of Availability of the Draft Environmental Assessment for the Dady Slough

    This environmental assessment is available for review for the Dady Slough Flood Storage and Wetland Enhancement Project in Waukegan Township. It is open to public comment. Additional Info...
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The Lake County Stormwater Management Commission and the City of Park City recently celebrated the beginning of construction on the Park City Stormwater Capital Improvement project. This project was marked as a high priority for a capital improvement grant because this area of Park City is located at the headwaters of the Skokie River, resulting in a large chance of flooding. The long-awaited infrastructure improvement will alleviate flooding to more than 800 properties in Park City.

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