Drop Box Location

NOTE: The drop box is only available from when the bills are mailed through the second installment due date. Please DO NOT attempt to use the drop box other than this time frame as it will not be checked.
  • Enclose the proper stub and your check in a sealed envelope (NO cash).
  • Located at northeast entrance of the Lake County Building, 18 N. County Street Waukegan.
  • Contents of the drop box are completely collected daily by a deputized officer.
  • Receipts are mailed upon request.
  • Payments received after the due date must include penalty. Call (847) 377-2323 for the current amount.
  • Post dated and unsigned checks will be processed on receipt.
  • Please note: Libertyville Campus drop box has been permanently removed.


Lake County Building Drop Box
Lake County Building - 18 N. County Street, Waukegan, IL