Eric Rinehart

I have fought for my clients in the courtrooms of Illinois for the last eighteen years.  Whether the case was in front of a jury, the appellate court, or even the Supreme Court, I have never stopped fighting for what I believe in, equal and just treatment under the law. 

As State’s Attorney, I will fight for all Lake County families to make our beautiful county safer and fairer for all people — regardless of race, class, gender, or sexual orientation. 

I was raised in a small town. My parents are teachers, and from them, I learned that everyone must be treated equally and that America’s sacred mission is to provide a political, economic, and legal system that allows anyone to prosper regardless of the circumstances of their birth.

The prosecutor’s office is the most powerful actor in the criminal justice system. Crime destroys families and communities. We need smart, tough prosecutors who are zealously expending every ounce of energy to prevent crime, now, and in the future. Smart prosecution equals safer communities. Moral prosecution equals a fairer society that nurtures the worth of every individual regardless of class, race, or gender. 

As State’s Attorney, I will ensure that every prosecution is smart, fair, and just.