Vendor Outreach

Lake County is committed to working with the County’s diverse and inclusive vendor community. This not only gives us a larger group of potential suppliers and options, but it also makes our supply chains stronger and more reliable. And it benefits Lake County from an overall economic standpoint and increases opportunities for disadvantaged businesses.

Previous Outreach Events

In the spring of 2023, Lake County held 5 outreach events to inform vendors and businesses about contracting and subcontracting opportunities with Lake County. These sessions provided useful information on navigating the procurement process with Lake County as well as an interactive discussion on possible challenges along the way. Resources outside of Lake County which can offer technical assistance were also provided.

Vendors and businesses are encouraged to watch the webinar recording below to learn about the three-step process to work with Lake County, upcoming projects and procurement opportunities, how businesses can work with Lake County, and various initiatives and programs including job order contracting.