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Lake County Government, which serves as a branch of state government, performs a variety of administrative functions for the state and plays a vital role in providing services to residents.

County government impacts public safety, health, planning and zoning, the road system, judicial system and many other aspects that affect how residents live.

The Lake County Board approves the budget and financial matters as well as important local laws affecting county government departments. These departments are instrumental in providing services to residents and businesses within the county. There are seven independently elected officials who run their respective departments. 


Lake County was created by the Illinois State Legislature in 1839. Located in the northeast corner of Illinois, Lake County borders Lake Michigan and features many ponds, streams, rivers and lakes that earned the county its name. The county is made up of high-density urban and rural neighborhoods, providing a safe place for families and businesses to call home.

The county provides residents and visitors opportunities to enjoy its natural beauty through the extensive trail network and many forest preserves. The county also is home to many recreational amenities, providing dining, shopping and live entertainment for the family to enjoy. Learn more about all to do in Lake County by going to Visit Lake County, our convention and visitor’s bureau. 

Our investment in economic opportunity, connecting businesses, advocating for business interest and fostering workforce development leads to the growth and prosperity of our economy and our communities. This allows us to provide residents with the quality of life that they deserve. Learn more about our focus on economic development by visiting the Lake County Partners website

Incorporated and Unincorporated Lake County

Residents live either in incorporated areas (cities, townships and villages) or in unincorporated Lake County. There are 52 incorporated cities and villages, and 18 townships in Lake County, with over 200 other independent jurisdictions. 

If you live in an incorporated area, most of your government services are provided by your city, township or village. If you live in an unincorporated area, most of your government services are provided by Lake County. 

View this map to determine if you are located in an unincorporated area