Single-Use Plastics

Furthering our efforts to support the environment and promote sustainability, Lake County has implemented a program that prohibits the purchase, sale and distribution of single-use plastics of food service items within County government operations, which includes cafeteria operations, coffee kiosk and vending machines at all County government sites.

The policy was adopted on Jan. 1, 2023. Annually, the program will eliminate about one million single-use plastics from government operations.

The policy applies only to what Lake County government can purchase and sell and does not apply to Lake County businesses and residents. Plastics can still be brought to Lake County government facilities by the public and employees.

In some Lake County government buildings, aluminum cans have replaced single-use plastic bottles in vending machines. Multiple vending machines containing single-use plastic-wrapped items also have been removed. To provide the public visiting county facilities with more sustainable food options, the County has installed refrigerated self-serve vending machines, providing fresh, healthy meal options in reusable, recyclable containers.

Lake County has been recognized for the single-use plastics initiative by the National Associations of Counties (NACo) with an Achievement Award. This prestigious award recognizes counties for innovative programs that strengthen services and modernize government.

1 million pieces of plastic saved in 2023