Living Snow Fences

The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is seeking local farmers to participate in its annual "Living Snow Fence" Program. 

LCDOT operates this program that annually purchases standing corn rows from area farmers to serve as living snow fences. These natural barriers are placed adjacent to sections of County highway that have a history of blowing and drifting snow. Living snow fences can capture blowing snow upwind of a problem area which can help prevent big snow drifts, improve driver visibility, reduce plow times and heavy vehicle usage while also having many environmental benefits. 

Living Snow Fence

How the Program Works

LCDOT pays farmers to leave rows of standing corn along County highways. At the end of the snow season, the farmer can then harvest and sell the remaining crops. 

A typical corn-row snow fence is 1,100 feet long and 16 rows wide, covering an average of one acre of land. Pay varies by the estimated number of bushels per acre that are left up for the fence. LCDOT references the Illinois Farm Bureau for the cash price per bushel. 

Farmers interested in participating in the program are encouraged to complete the form below.  Those with questions about the program may contact Kevin Kerrigan, LCDOT Engineer of Maintenance, at 847-377-7400.