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The Lake County Health Department offers services for newly arrived Ukrainians in Lake County, Illinois.

People arriving in the United States are required to do a TubercAdobeStock_493515061ulosis blood test within 90 days of arrival. Our Tuberculosis (TB) Clinic offers free testing for newly arrived Ukrainians.

In 2022, over 60 Ukrainians were seen by our Tuberculosis Clinic. About 10% of Ukrainians seen by our clinic tested positive for TB infection.

Who Can Receive Services?

People living or staying in Lake County including employees, or students. The TB Clinic is currently providing free services for individuals and families who have recently arrived from Ukraine.

Services include:

  • TB testing
  • X ray referrals
  • Medications
  • Physician supervised treatment for active cases
  • Education and outreach

Frequently Asked Questions About TB

What is TB disease?

People with TB disease are sick from the large number of TB germs that are active in their body. They usually have one or more of the symptoms of TB disease (fever, cough, weight loss, night sweats). These people may pass TB germs to others by coughing, sneezing, or simply talking. TB disease can cause permanent body damage and death, but there are medicines that can cure TB disease. If you are experiencing symptoms, call our office, 847-377-8700.

What is TB infection?

People with TB infection also have the germs that cause TB, but they are not sick because there are not as many germs and the germs are dormant (sleeping) in their body. They cannot spread the germs to others. However, these people can eventually develop TB disease, especially if they are in one of the high-risk groups. People with TB infection can take medicine to prevent them from developing TB disease.  If you have questions about treatment to prevent TB disease, please call our office, 847-377-8700.

TB Myths and Facts

Myth: “My childhood Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination is what caused my positive blood test for TB.” 

Fact: The blood test was designed, specifically not to react to the BCG vaccination. A positive test means that you have TB infection or disease. The BCG vaccine does not provide life-time protection against TB.

Myth: “After getting a positive blood test, if I have a normal chest x-ray, I don’t have TB.” 

Fact: If you don’t have symptoms, a positive test and a negative chest x-ray means that you likely have TB infection. This means that TB is dormant or “sleeping.” You should speak to a doctor about your risk of getting TB disease in the future and your options to get treated to prevent TB disease.