Bridge Industrial Development Updates

Lake County has created this web page to provide information and updates on the potential redevelopment of the Baxter headquarters property in the unincorporated Deerfield area. 

Latest Information

As of September 13, multiple media reports have stated that Bridge Industrial has decided not to pursue the purchase and redevelopment of the unincorporated Baxter Campus. Lake County is working to confirm details and will continue to provide web page updates as they are made available. 

Early Assistance Report Link and Summary

On July 18, Lake County staff convened an “Early Assistance” meeting with Bridge Industrial at the client's request to discuss the potential redevelopment of the property in the unincorporated area. After the meeting, staff noted to the client that an “Early Assistance Report” would be produced as a result of the discussions and that the determinations within the Report would be based on the initial information provided by the client. An Early Assistance Report contains a detailed assessment of the review processes applicable to the request; the types of regulations that would be relevant; and the procedural next steps to expect if a developer chooses to move forward with a formal project development application. 

On Sept. 1, Lake County provided the completed Early Assistance Report to Bridge Industrial. A copy of this report is available via this link (PDF)

A summary of key points from the Report follows below:

  • Zoning: The proposed development site includes a center area zoned Limited Industrial (LI) surrounded on three sides by a perimeter area zoned General Office (GO). To develop the site with the proposed use (classified as “Warehousing and Freight Movement”), the client would need to request either:
    • A rezoning of the perimeter area from the General Office to the Limited Industrial zoning district, or
    • A Planned Unit Development for the property as a whole. See the report for process details.
  • Site Access: Access to the site would require a traffic study, right-of-way dedication, and access permits from LCDOT. Improvements to Saunders Road (including turn lane modifications) may be required.

  • Utilities: Lake County public sewer access would be required for the project. See report for details regarding water service.

  • Site Development and Construction: The development, as proposed, will be required to comply with all applicable building codes including the 2018 International Building Code, 2018 International Fire Code, 2018 International Fuel and Gas Code, 2018 International Mechanical Code, 2017 National Electrical Code, 2018 State of Illinois Energy Conservation Code, 2014 State of Illinois Plumbing Code, and 2018 Illinois Accessibility Code. The development must also meet site development requirements for stormwater management and natural resource protection.


All Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) responses from Lake County about this redevelopment will be posted online. View all responses provided to date through Lake County’s FOIA portal

What’s Next?

As more information becomes available, and if the project progresses to the formal application stage, this web page will be updated to ensure the public is kept up to date on project status and project details. 

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Provide Your Comments, Input, and Concerns

Due to the large number of inquiries Lake County has received regarding this redevelopment proposal, we have created an online form and a 24-hour automated public information voicemail telephone hotline for the public to submit their comments, input, and concerns. While we place a high value on public input, the number of calls we have received about this particular proposal has taken significant staff time, preventing our teams from carrying out their ongoing daily responsibilities. By using the form or calling the hotline number, you can still provide your input and submit applicable information with the assurance that it will be reviewed by our staff and retained for future reference. While we cannot respond to every comment or question, we do welcome your feedback. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

  • The online form can be found below
  • The 24-hour voicemail hotline number is 847-377-7460