Decennial Commitee Reports

Local Government Efficiency Act, PA 102-1088, went into effect on June 10, 2022. It requires local governments (excluding municipalities and counties) to establish special committees to study their own efficiencies and then submit a report to their county board. Reports sent to the Lake County Board can be found on this web page. 

What is PA 102-1088?

The Act states that local governments that may levy any tax (excluding municipalities and counties), must form a committee within one year of the effective date of the Act and at least once every 10 years thereafter. Duties of the committee include the study of the local government's governing statutes, ordinances, rules, procedures, powers, jurisdiction, shared services, intergovernmental agreements, and interrelationships with other local governments and the State. 

The Act also states that each committee shall summarize its work and findings within a written report, which shall include recommendations with respect to increased accountability and efficiency and provide the report to the county board in which the governmental unit is located no later than 18 months after the formation of the committee.

Read PA 102-1088

How to Report Recommendations to the Lake County Board

To be in compliance with the Act, Lake County has set up a dedicated email address for local taxing bodies to send their completed reports to: [email protected]. Reports sent to Lake County are published on this web page. 

Reports Submitted to the Lake County Board

At this time, the following reports have been submitted to the Lake County Board: