Hunt Club Rd at Stearns School Rd

Project Limits:  Hunt Club Rd at Stearns School Rd

Description:  A modernization improvement to improve the capacity and safety at the intersection of Hunt Club Road and Stearns School Road in Gurnee and unincorporated Warren Township.

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Current Information

The project team has developed multiple viable alternatives for the intersection and is preparing to present the alternatives to solicit feedback from the public at an open-house format public meeting this spring. Following the public meeting, the project team will continue working through analysis of the alternatives before ultimately selecting a preferred alternative. The preferred alternative will be presented to the public at a second public meeting in the future.

From September 28 - October 26, 2023, LCDOT hosted a Virtual Public Forum for this project to share information and solicit feedback on the existing conditions and operation of the intersection. You can visit the Virtual Public Forum from this meeting to see the information presented, exhibits displayed, and input from the community.

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