Des Plaines River Water Reclamation Facility Improvements (ARPA funded)

Project Location:  South of Deerfield Parkway, west of Milwaukee Avenue (US 45) in the Buffalo Grove area.

Project Description:  The Lake County Board provided federal ARPA funding for the project. With this funding, we are able to undertake the projects sooner without delaying or impacting other projects in the Capital Plan. The projects at the Des Plaines River Water Reclamation Facility made possible by this federal funding include the installation of additional Disc Filters, installation of new covers for our secondary clarifiers, installation of new UV disinfection and replacement/upgrade of two blowers. Overall, the improvements will require less chemical use in the process, improve efficiencies, provide additional capacity and provide better maintenance/operation effectiveness. 

These projects are supported in whole by federal award number 21.027 awarded to Lake County by the U.S. Department of the Treasury in the amount of $6.3 million for disc filter and clarifier covers which span three water reclamation facilities; $5.5 million for a UV disinfection project; and $1.5 million for a high-efficiency blower installation project. In all cases, the ARPA funds represent 100% of total project funding.

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Current Phase/Anticipated Schedule:

Design is underway, and construction is anticipated to occur within the current Five-Year Capital Program. 

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Marc Bourgault, P.E.
Principal Engineer
[email protected]