West Pump Station Force Main Improvements

Project Location:  The northern boundary of the Vernon Hills Athletic Complex, from the Kid’s Castle Playground to the southern property line of the Vernon Hills High School 

Project Description:  There are two 16-inch diameter force mains from the VH West Pump Station to the Vernon Hills (NCT) Water Reclamation Facility (approx. 3,000 lineal feet). Both pipes have evidence of pipe deterioration and degradation. One force main will be replaced with a modern pipe material, while the other force main will be interior-lined to extend the useful life. Pipe lining is a “trenchless” technology, which minimizes the need for excavation. The existing pipes are 35 and 50 years old.

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Current Phase/Anticipated Schedule:

Design is underway, and construction is anticipated to occur within the current Five-Year Capital Program. 

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Marc Bourgault, P.E.
Principal Engineer
[email protected]