Southeast Central Interceptor Drop Chamber Rehabilitation

Project Location:  South and east of the Libertyville Post Office, located at the Libertyville Wastewater Treatment Plant 

Project Description:  The Southeast Central Interceptor Sewer transports wastewater from unincorporated areas of Libertyville Township and the Villages of Green Oaks and Libertyville, and the pipe is 48-inches in diameter in some locations. The interceptor sewer has strategic access points, including a drop chamber near the Libertyville Water Reclamation Facility. The 40+ year old structure is experiencing corrosion which is affecting its structural integrity. This project will modernize the structure and allow for continued service. This infrastructure is the entry point of our flows into the Libertyville treatment facility. 

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Current Phase/Anticipated Schedule:

Design is underway, and construction is anticipated to occur within the current Five-Year Capital Program. 

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Noah Brown
Civil Engineer
[email protected]