Inverrary Lane Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Project Location:  Between the boundaries of the Park West community and Winston Park North community for the trunk sewer and along Ash Street for the collector sewer, all in the Pekara Subdivision, unincorporated Deerfield. 

Project Description:  

This project will rehabilitate 1,400-feet of sewer main pipes to extend the useful life of the pipes. Approximately 700-feet of sanitary sewer main pipe will be improved north of Inverrary Lane in the green space between Mallard Drive, Mallard Lane, Pintail Lane and Pintail Court.  The remaining pipes are located north of the community.  The subject pipes have required repair, and the project will improve the pipes and allow for continued service. 

Rehabilitation work will be performed using sewer lining technology, which is a process used for repairing and replacing cracked, leaking and damaged sewer lines. A flexible tube is inserted inside the existing pipe, inflated, and cured – resulting in a “pipe within a pipe” as it hardens within the existing pipe. This results in a minimum 50-year lifespan to recapitalize existing, aging pipes.

The contractor, Hoerr Construction, will notify you if you are required to limit water usage at times. During a lining project, residents in these areas will observe increased truck traffic and equipment noise.  

All equipment will be inserted through existing manholes, and any disturbed areas or damaged pavement will be repaired in a timely manner.  Individual sanitary sewer service pipes will be connected to the lined sewer service main pipe after the lining is cured.  

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Current Phase/Anticipated Schedule:

Initial inspection is complete, and work will be complete this fall.

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Ying Miao, P.E.
Principal Engineer
[email protected]