County Clerk Open Liens

The open liens the County holds that are available for public assignment

Lake County Open Liens List

A tax lien is a legal claim against the property for unpaid taxes. Please note that as a tax buyer, this does not transfer the deed to you, but you hold a lien against the property. Please consult legal counsel on the steps to petition for the deed.

To assume a lien that the County owns, you’d be responsible for the redemption balance plus $10 for the assignment fee. The redemption lien must be paid in certified funds only (cash, certified check, bank certified check or money order made payable to ‘Lake County Clerk’) and the $10 assignment fee must be kept separate and can be paid in any form. Please email [email protected] to set up an appointment. The above list is updated monthly.

For additional information regarding the tax sale process, please visit the Treasurer’s page

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