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Voter Power Video
Voter Power Page
Verify your voter registration, districts, elected officials and locate your early and election day voting sites.
Spanish Video Voter Power
Información para los votantes del Condado de Lake
Este video contiene instrucciones de cómo votar utilizando una boleta de tecnología de escaneo óptico. También incluye información para los votantes acerca de las diferentes opciones de votación disponibles y del día de las elecciones.
Voting Before Election Day Video
Voting Before Election Day
Information on options available as alternatives to voting on Election Day.
Election Results Information Video
Election Results Information
Information on navigating the election results pages and downloading results data to your computer.
Petition Packet Filing Video
Petition Packet Filing
Information regarding completing nominating papers and how to avoid common errors.
Tax Rate Video
How is Your Tax Rate Calculated?
The process of how your property tax rate is calculated and also describes the County Clerk's role.
Declining Property Values and Tax Extensions Video
Declining Property Values and Tax Extensions
Describes how property values affect property taxes.
Voter Registration Video
Voter Registration
Learn requirements and deadlines for registering to vote.
Optical Scan Voting Video
Optical Scan Voting
Learn how to vote using the optical scan ballot.
ADA Voting Video
ADA Voting (Americans with Disabilities Act)
Review how voters with special needs may vote without assistance in private using ADA voting equipment.
Election Judge Video
Be an Election Judge
Consider becoming an election judge and be at the heart of the election process.