Washington St Bike Path

Limits: Along Washington St from Sextant Drive to Almond Rd in the villages of Gurnee and Third Lake, and Warren Township. 

Description: Construction of a sidewalk on the north side of Washington St from Sextant Dr to Mainsail Dr and a new bike path on either side of Washington St between Mainsail Dr and Almond Rd.

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Current Information

From May 20, 2022 through Friday, June 17, 2022 the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) hosted a Virtual Public Forum to inform the public about this project and to gather preliminary feedback on potential bike path alignments. The Virtual Forum included text and exhibits introducing the project, and a preliminary alignment map with public comments. See what the community said about the project on the project input website.

LCDOT is currently working to identify the preferred alternative as it works through a Phase 1 engineering study to construct a new sidewalk on the north side of Washington Street from Sextant Drive to Mainsail Drive, and a new bike path on either side of Washington Street between Mainsail Drive and Almond Road. This planned path is identified on LCDOT’s 2040 Transportation Plan. The location of the path will be selected based on an evaluation of how to cross US45, environmental factors, connections to local facilities, required land acquisition, the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the corridor, and input from the public and from local agencies. A public meeting is scheduled for late 2022 in order to present the preferred alternative, once decided. LCDOT is engaging and collaborating with multiple stakeholders, including the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Village of Gurnee, the Village of Third Lake, and Warren Township. Construction is planned for 2024, depending on funding availability, land acquisition, securing permits, and project readiness.

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