Contract Lettings

NOTICE: Effective March 2020, advertisements requesting Statements of Interest/Statements of Qualifications will be published through the DOT portion at the Lake County Purchasing Portal.

Read step by step instructions on how to register as a Lake County Consultant (Registered Vendor) in order to access SOI/SOQ project information.

Prequalification: Contractors desiring to bid on LCDOT construction projects must hold a valid (unexpired) “Certificate of Eligibility” issued by IDOT detailing the Contractor’s prequalification for the classes of work included on the project. Vendors and suppliers for materials lettings do not generally need to be prequalified.

Authorization to Bid: All Contractors and/or Suppliers shall submit a “Request for Authorization to Bid” to LCDOT and receive approval to bid prior to submitting their bid proposal. The request will be submitted through the project page on the purchasing portal. Upon approval or disapproval  by LCDOT an e-mail will be sent to the Contractor/Supplier with the decision. The response e-mail will generally be sent within 24 hours. Please check your “spam” folder prior contacting LCDOT. Bid proposals submitted without securing an "Authorization to Bid" will be considered non-responsive, and the bid will not be opened or considered. 

Bid Submittal: LCDOT does not accept electronic bid proposals. Do not use the Submittals option at the bottom of the project Info page to submit your bid, this section is not active for LCDOT Contract Lettings. Bid proposals may be submitted via mail (US Postal Service) and/or delivery service e.g. FedEx, UPS etc. Contractors shall not send their bids in with a request for signature upon delivery, as no one may be available at the time of delivery to sign for the bid thereby delaying delivery.   

Bid proposals may also be hand delivered to LCDOT at 600 W. Winchester Road, Libertyville, IL 60048, and placed in the drop box located in the window panel to the left of the main entrance doors located on the east side of the building.

It is the Contractor’s responsibility to get their Bid/Proposal to LCDOT prior to the submission date and time. LCDOT is not responsible for any delays in delivery due to office staffing and/or requests for delivery receipts.

Is your firm a registered vendor on the Lake County Purchasing PortalThe Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) no longer maintains a Consultant List. To receive notices of SOI/SOQ advertisements, sign up as a vendor on the Lake County Purchasing Portal. When signing up, be sure to view all the Industry Categories and check all that apply. Companies may have multiple contacts registered.

Has your contact information changed? Companies are responsible for editing their registered vendor contact  information on the Lake County Purchasing Portal. For assistance, please contact LCDOT at the phone or email on this page.

Not receiving email notifications?  Check your company's registered vendor contact information on the Lake County Purchasing Portal. For assistance, please contact LCDOT at the phone number or email address on this page.