Greenbook Information

As of 2022, our office is releasing this information via an Excel spreadsheet and downloadable PDF at no charge to those interested. This list will be updated approximately every Friday to provide status updates on parcels.

However, the we are no longer accepting new Greenbook bids as of October 14, 2022 to allow our office time to close out the existing bids. The program will resume accepting bids late May/early June 2023; which is the anticipated release date for the new Greenbook.

Excel - PDF

Please contact the Lake County Clerk’s Tax Department for more information at 847-377-2404 or submit an email to [email protected].

What is the “Greenbook”?
The Greenbook is a list of Lake County owned parcels that is for sale to the public. These parcels were acquired after being foreclosed upon due to unpaid property taxes. All Greenbook property is sold "as-is." The County makes no assertions or guarantees as to the quality of the property, its suitability for development, or the clarity of title. Any concerns about suitability must be directed to either the Lake County permit facility (if unincorporated) or the township office where the property lies.

All taxes billed in the year of sale and prior will be the County's responsibility, unless the property is listed as "tax lien, not deed."

If you’re interested in foreclosed homes, please contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Judicial Sales Team at 847-377-4401 or visit their website.

Why is it called Greenbook?
When the program first started, we didn’t know what to call it. Since the files were kept in a green binder, that was the inspiration for the name.

How do I get a list of all the properties?
Starting in May 2022, the County Clerk’s office will make this list available at no charge and are expecting to release the majority of our available properties on May 13, 2022. The rest of our listings will be available around mid-July. The list is available via Excel and PDF links at the top of the page.

How much is the property I’m interested in?
Pricing will vary based off of its assessed value.

Please note: no more than 25 active bids are allowed from any one bidder at any time. The County reserves the right to refuse bids from parties who previously defaulted on a winning bid, or who currently owe delinquent taxes.

What is the process like?
Greenbook protocol states that any property of interest requires a written bid in a sealed envelope with the Parcel Identification Number (PIN) written on the outside mailed to our office. Minimum bid amounts are recommended, however all bid amounts are considered. Our office will hold the bid for 30 days after receipt, and then it will be reviewed by administration. After review, an acceptance, rejection, or counteroffer will be sent via mail or email, depending on your preference. If a bid is accepted, further instructions are provided.

How do I place a bid?
Should you move forward with a bid, please fill out this form and mail it to us at:

Lake County Clerk
Tax Redemption Dept, Greenbook Bid with PIN# (include parcel ID number)
18 North County Street Room 101
Waukegan, Illinois 60085-4364

Example of envelope could look like this:envelope sample