Linden Sewer Replacement

Project Location: Linden Avenue in the Village of Third Lake.


Project Description:  Rehabilitation or replacement of nearly 3,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer conveying wastewater from areas of the Village of Third Lake.  The original pipe shows signs of impending failure, and immediate repairs and replacement is required. The modern pipe material will last another 50+ years.  

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Anticipated Schedule:

Nearly 2,700 feet of sewer main was rehabilitated last summer, but unexpected ground conditions prevented rehabilitation of 300 feet of pipe west of Linden Ave between 34881 and 34964 Linden Ave. Rehabilitation work will resume in August and be complete this fall.    

Residents will notice construction on west side of Linden Ave between 34881 and 34964 Linden Ave, with construction traffic and construction noise. The contractor may request residents limit water use for brief periods of time and will provide advance notice.   

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Ying Miao, P.E.
Principal Civil Engineer
[email protected]