Hainesville Rd - Washington St to Rollins Rd

Description: LCDOT is studying potential improvements to approximately 1.5 miles of Hainesville Road in the villages of Round Lake Beach and Round Lake Park. This is an opportunity for LCDOT to make safety and operational improvements to the corridor, such as adding turn lanes. A component of this study will investigate possible non-motorized travel accommodations along Hainesville Road.

In the summer of 2021, LCDOT asked the community for input on this project. Visit the project's virtual public forum page to see what the community said about the project.

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Current Information

The Hainesville Road Improvement Project has transitioned from Phase I (Preliminary Engineering Study) to Phase II (Final Engineering Design). Phase II includes the preparation of final design drawings, construction contract documents and the start of the right-of-way acquisition process. During this phase, we are initiating follow up site meetings with residents and stakeholders to review the final proposed design elements.

The project is currently in Phase II. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2025.

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