Buffalo Grove Rd Widening

Project Limits:  From Illinois Route 22 to US Route 45

Description:  The Lake County Division of Transportation is conducting a Phase 1 study to widen Buffalo Grove Road to provide 2 lanes travel in each direction. The center median will remain in place. The project is also investigating filling in non-motorized travel gaps by adding bike path or sidewalk where appropriate in conjunction with the Villages of Vernon Hills and Buffalo Grove. A public meeting is planned for late 2021 where the preferred alternative and project impacts will be shown to the public for comments and questions. Construction is currently planned for 2025 but will depend on property acquisition and project readiness

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Current Information

This project is currently in Phase I - Preliminary Engineering. In this phase, studies are begun to consider future demand forecasts, traffic impacts, and effects on homes, businesses and drainage. Key environmental issues including review of threatened or endangered species, historic or landmark structures and trees, and wetlands are also examined.

Public information meetings may be conducted during this phase to present proposed project alternatives and to identify and discuss area of concern.

The recommended improvement is finalized at the completion of this phase.

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