Buffalo Grove Rd Improvements IL22 to US45

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Project Limits:  Buffalo Grove Road from IL22 to US45

Description:  The Lake County Division of TransportationBuffalo Grove Road Project Location Map (LCDOT) is currently conducting a Phase 1 study for Buffalo Grove Road improvements that considers the following:

  • Two lanes of travel in each direction with the existing center median 
  • Filling non-motorized travel gaps with bike path and sidewalk 
  • Upgrading the CN Railroad crossing to include a new barrier median, overhead rail crossing signals and gates for roadway and pedestrian crossings that will maintain the existing quiet zone

LCDOT is still in the early phases of this project and no final plans have been approved at this time. Construction is tentatively planned for 2026, pending funding availability and project readiness.


This section of Buffalo Grove Road was built in stages over nearly 20 years, with the first project taking place in the late 1980s. The road was designed and constructed to accommodate future road expansion as the area developed and traffic grew.  This included the infrastructure, such as sidewalks, stormwater detention, and the right-of-way that were placed to accommodate a future multi-lane roadway. In the mid-1990s, the jurisdiction of Buffalo Grove Road changed from the local villages and township to Lake County. 

This project is listed in Lake County’s 2040 Transportation plan which recommends improvements necessary to address the future transportation needs of Lake County including roadway, transit, and non-motorized modes of travel.

Why is this project needed? 

In 2018, Lake County conducted a traffic study and found that the existing two-lane road is over capacity and recommended a multi-lane road to accommodate current and future traffic demands.  With the existing pavement nearing the end of its service life, LCDOT initiated a Phase 1 study in June of 2020 which confirmed that the daily traffic warrants an additional travel lane in each direction. 

Buffalo Grove Road south of IL 22 was recently completed which had a similar traffic profile as the roadway from IL 22 to US 45. In addition to the existing traffic conditions, this project is aiming to fill in the bike path/sidewalk gaps to allow residents to walk and bike along a continuous non-motorized system on the Buffalo Grove Road corridor.

Current Information

LCDOT held a public information meeting on May 24 showing the proposed improvements. LCDOT received public input on this phase of the project through June 7, 2023, to be a part of the official public record.

The public is always welcome to ask questions or talk with LCDOT at any point in time during this project. Contact: 

Early in 2022, LCDOT asked the community for input on this project. Visit the project's virtual forum page to see what the community said about the project.

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