Lake County Clerk's Institute (LCCI)


NEW - Lake County Clerk's Institute

The Lake County Clerks Office Invites you to join us as we launch the New Lake County Clerk’s Institute.

The first course, “Introduction to Elections,” meets once per week for three consecutive weeks, starting the week of June 14, 2021. Each meeting period is up to 2 hours in length. Registration for the course is required and can be completed using the application link below the class descriptions for the course.  This course is available in person, with social distancing, and virtually, from the comfort of your own home. Classes are offered during the day and in the evening.

Explore (Session 1)

Together we will explore the beginning steps of elections and give a brief historical tour of the development of elections. Our American system may appear to be quite complicated, but it was designed to ensure that voters have a voice at all government levels. Elections give citizens a democratic voice in the process by deciding who governs. We will explore why elections are held and the process involved in electing your representatives. This course will offer you an overview of preparations taken, and services provided preparing for an election in Lake County.

Educate (Session 2)

We will dive into understanding the varied ways to vote and how these voting systems have changed through time. State governments play a vast decision-making role in election operations. Election law and reporting requirements vary from state to state and between the state and federal levels. What really happens on Election Day? We will take you behind the scenes to explore how we conduct a safe, secure, and accurate election. Learn about the many safeguards put in place by the County Clerk’s Office for election management. 

Enlighten (Session 3)

Finally, election day is over. What is next? Join us as we continue to travel down our election timeline and learn about the final stages of election management in Lake County. We will have fun interviewing different individuals about their election roles and their contributions to the electoral process.

Former Chief Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, said when the practice of democracy is taught, these understandings are passed on from generation to generation. We welcome all ages to learn with us and then pass it forward.