​Reapportionment Committee

In February, the County Board created a reapportionment committee to review the 2020 Census data and to recommend a reapportionment (redistricting) plan for Lake County. 

Currently, Lake County is divided into 21 single-member districts.

An updated map should be completed by July 1, 2021, however, delays in receiving data from the US Census will make this deadline unattainable. A Legislative change will be needed. 

The reapportionment process takes place every 10 years and is based on Census data: www.census.gov

Watch Reapportionment Committee Meetings

Committee Members

  • Sandy Hart, Chair
  • Mary Ross-Cunningham Vice-Chair
  • Jennifer Clark
  • Michael Danforth
  • Angelo Kyle
  • Linda Pedersen
  • Jessica Vealitzek