Park West Townhome Water Main Rehabilitation

Project Location:  Western side of the Park West Townhome Subdivision.   

Project Description:  Rehabilitation of the cast iron pipe water main originally installed in the subdivision. Pipe lining will be used, which is a trenchless technology. Access pits will be excavated at bends in the pipes and existing hydrants and valve vaults will be replaced. When lining, a flexible tube is inserted inside the existing pipe, inflated, and cured – resulting in a “pipe within a pipe” as it hardens within the existing pipe. This results in a minimum 50-year lifespan to recapitalize existing, aging pipes. 

Residents in these areas will observe increased truck traffic, periodic lane closures, and equipment noise. The contractor will be installing temporary water service piping for affected buildings and will require access into townhome units.  You will be contacted by the contractor to arrange all interior work.  Residents will be asked to limit water usage at times.  Any disturbed areas or damaged pavement will be repaired in a timely manner.  

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Current Phase/Anticipated Schedule:

The contractor is working in Phase 1 of 3. So far the contractor has completed root pruning, installed bypass piping, and excavated a few access pits.  The affected townhomes are now connected to the temporary water bypass water main.  In order to continue rehabilitating the water mains, a shutdown will occur on Tuesday, June 8.  A CodeRed notification will be issued by LCPW, and door hangers will be sent by the contractor to the homes impacted by the shutdown.

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Ying Miao, P.E.
Principal Civil Engineer