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COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are available throughout Lake County, whether you're a patient of ours or not.

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Access Your Vaccination Records

See your vaccination records. Print, download, and get your COVID SMART Health Card (QR code).

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Learn about recommendations, possible side effects, frequently asked questions, and more.

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Lake County Health Department Patients

If you are a patient of the Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center, please call the Patient Access Center to schedule your appointment at (847) 377-8800.

All Residents

Visit to find a COVID-19 vaccine near you. 

Access Your Vaccination Records

Visit Vax Verify to access your vaccination records. 

Vax Verify includes all vaccinations that have been entered in the Illinois State Immunization Registry (I-CARE). Vax Verify records include your COVID SMART Health Card (QR code). Vax Verify is managed by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

If you are unable to access Vax Verify or your record does not appear, you can request your record from IDPH.

Follow these steps:

  1. Complete ALL portions of the IDPH Immunization Information Release Form
  2. Sign the form using electronic signature. If unable to use electronic signature, print the form, sign it, scan, and upload.
  3. Complete the IDPH Immunization Record Request Form.
  4. While completing the form, upload the completed IDPH Immunization Information Release Form.
  5. Check the authorization box and click submit.

Once the completed form has been submitted, please allow 3-4 weeks for processing. Please note, the immunization record you receive will not contain a COVID SMART Health Card (QR code)