Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation (Lining)

Lake County Public Works (LCPW) is proactive in maintaining its infrastructure. One method to ensure continued service and eliminate environmental impacts is rehabilitating sanitary sewer pipes. LCPW is responsible for nearly 470 miles of sewer pipe. Sanitary sewer pipe rehabilitation projects are often done in sections and can take several weeks to complete.    

During Rehabilitation (Lining)

Sewer lining is a process used for repairing and replacing cracked, leaking and damaged sewer lines. A flexible tube is inserted inside the existing pipe, inflated, and cured – resulting in a “pipe within a pipe” as it hardens within the existing pipe. This results in a minimum 50-year lifespan to recapitalize existing, aging pipes.

During lining, the contractor, will notify you if you are required to limit water usage at times. All equipment will be inserted through existing manholes, and there will be periodic lane closures on local streets. Individual sanitary sewer service pipes will be connected to the lined sewer service main pipe after the lining is cured.  

Ongoing Projects

During a lining project, residents in these areas will observe increased truck traffic, periodic lane closures, and equipment noise. Residents will be asked to limit water usage at times. Any disturbed areas or damaged pavement will be repaired in a timely manner. There are no planned impacts to utility service.  

Current information: 

Sanitary sewer rehabilitation needs are evaluated on any ongoing basis, and impacted communities will be notified of work as it is planned.   

UPDATED for 2022 Sylvan Lake Sewer Lining Project