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About the Study

Improving transportation options is a top priority in Lake County. With a growing population, the county has experienced increased congestion which impacts the overall quality of life and economic growth. In response, Lake County has initiated the MY Commute Lake County Study, which will investigate ways to reduce the use of single occupancy vehicles (SOVs), which is a top strategic priority in the Lake County Strategic Plan and the Lake County 2040 Transportation Plan.

The goal of the study is to identify strategies that can shift individuals from driving alone in a car to another mode, making the entire transportation system more efficient for everyone and minimizing environmental impacts from vehicle emissions. More than 80 percent of commuting trips in Lake County are taken in SOVs. 

This study will engage key stakeholders to develop practical and implementable strategies to reduce the use of SOVs. The study will also include reviewing national best practices and coordinating with other agencies at the federal, state and local levels. The County will reach out to residents, businesses, employees and other stakeholders to obtain their input through a survey and interviews. Additionally, an advisory group made up of key stakeholders will play an important role in the study and help develop recommended strategies. The outcome of the study will include innovative and cost-effective strategies that aim to reduce the use of vehicles operated by a single person and improve transportation in Lake County.

LCDOT has hired AECOM, a national leader in Transportation Demand Management programs to implement the study’s scope. In order to achieve the goals of the study we first must understand and define existing and future conditions facing motorists. The maps below give an example of how much commuter travel patterns differ based on the type of transportation used.

SOV Comparison Study

Study Process

For this study, the following methods will be utilized:

SOV Study Process

Other SOV Reduction Programs

As part of this study, Lake County will learn from other SOV programs in the country. Noted programs include:


For more information about the MY Commute Lake County Study, contact Mike Klemens at [email protected].