North Libertyville Estates Levee Drainage Improvements

Project Location: North Libertyville Estate neighborhood. 

Project Description:  Drainage improvements adjacent to the North Libertyville Estates levee and further flood investigation are required to prepare for a significant river flood event that exceeds the design height of the levee. 

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Anticipated Schedule:

The flood investigation portion of this project is currently within the concept planning phase with findings to be determined in late 2020. The drainage improvement portion of this project is now within the construction phase and consists of the installation of piping, inlets and a stormwater pump station to help address ponding water along the backside of the levee. LCPW crews have begun work in the David Park area and the balance of the drainage improvement work is anticipated to take place over the winter of 2020 - 2021.

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Chuck DeGrave, P.E.
Principal Civil Engineer