Pekara Water System - Lake Michigan Water Connection (ARPA Funded)

Project Location: An area south of IL 21/Milwaukee Avenue between Weiland Road and US 45 in the Buffalo Grove area. View the project map

Project Description: Lake County Public Works (LCPW) is currently in the Design Engineering phase for a project that will bring Lake Michigan Water to the Pekara and Horatio Gardens neighborhoods in the Buffalo Grove area. 

The existing water system is currently served by multiple wells. Studies show that Lake Michigan Water is a high-quality water source and is the most cost-effective, long-term solution for local drinking water needs.

This project is supported in whole by federal award number 21.027 awarded to Lake County by the U.S. Department of the Treasury in the amount of $1.1 million to bring Lake Michigan Water to the Pekara and Horatio Gardens neighborhoods. ARPA funds represent 100% of the total project funding.

Why is a new water source needed?

LCPW recognizes that while the current well water system meets all Illinois EPA requirements, the community has expressed concerns over water aesthetics, such as taste, smell, and hardness. Wells are not sustainable long-term and can be costly to upgrade. LCPW is working to bring Lake Michigan Water to the Pekara and Horatio Gardens neighborhoods, which will provide a high-quality water source to the community. Lake Michigan Water is used in many other water systems throughout Lake County.

What area will be receiving Lake Michigan Water?

The project area can be found on this map

Project Images

What is the current status of the project? 

LCPW is currently in the Design Engineering Phase, meaning construction plans, specifications, project cost estimates and permits are being prepared. The Lake County Board recently authorized an agreement for the purchase and sale of Lake Michigan Water from the Village of Buffalo Grove. The next step is to receive approval from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. 

When will construction begin? 

Construction is anticipated to begin in 2024. Pending materials availability and weather, the new water source may be introduced in 2025.

How do I say informed? 

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Marc Bourgault, P.E.
Principal Engineer
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