Oak Terrace Water System Replacement

Project Location: Near West Oak Middle School in the unincorporated Mundelein/Long Grove area. View the project map. 

Project Description: The existing water system for the Oak Terrace Subdivision and West Oak Middle School will be upgraded. New water main pipes will be replaced to create a more resilient system and a new well house will be constructed on the West Oak Middle School Property.

There is a companion project at the West Oak Middle School, which will drill a test well to support the water system. Visit the Oak Terrace Water System Test Well (West Oak Middle School) website for up-to-date information.

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Anticipated Schedule

Construction began in late May and is substantially complete.

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Am I served by the existing water system?

Fifteen homes are served by the existing water system.  You can know if you are one of them by looking at your bill and seeing if you are billed for water usage.  

Can I be served by the new water main?

In the coming years, the water system will be served by a new well being drilled at the West Oak Middle School.  Once well productivity is known, we will identify the possibility of future connections.  

Why is the pipe being replaced?

The existing water main is several decades old and was inherited from another water utility.  Over the years, the pipe has experienced breaks and it has reached the end of its useful life.  Additionally, the water main is not “looped,” so there is no redundancy in the event of a water main break.

How will construction impact me?

During the first phase of this improvement project, new water main pipes will be placed along N. Acorn Lane, W. Hoag Court, N. Walnut Avenue, and N. Oak Avenue. Residents residing in the water system will have water service disrupted for a short period while connections to the new water main are made. Ample notice will be given prior to any water shutoffs.  

Residents may observe construction activities, truck traffic, periodic lane closures, and equipment noise during construction. Any disturbed areas will be repaired in a timely manner.  

What is the next phase of the project?

Phase two of the project is anticipated to begin in 2024 that will connect the water system to a new well water source at West Oak Middle School. Upon completion, the existing wells in the water system will be abandoned as the water system will then utilize the new well water source at the school.  

How do I stay informed?

Sign up for project updates via email. 

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Ying Miao, P.E.  
Principal Civil Engineer 
[email protected]