Hawthorn Water Tower Rehabilitation

Project Location: At the water tower located on Hawthorn Parkway east of Butterfield Road in Vernon Hills

Project Description: This project consists of repairing and repainting of the 500,000-gallon Hawthorn Parkway water tower. The interior also will be recoated. As a part of the project, a large containment curtain will be erected to contain materials during paint removal and to prevent over spray during paint application. Construction began in late July of 2020 and will last for approximately 3 months. It is our mission to provide safe and reliable water to our customers and this project will help us preserve our current water system. For more project information, please reference the Hawthorn Water Tower Rehabilitation FAQs.

Current Information: The Hawthorn Water Tower Rehabilitation project is substantially complete and the tower is now back on-line and actively used for water system operations. Major construction activities were completed ahead of schedule. Restoration work on the site will continue into the spring of 2021. 

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Anticipated Schedule

Construction was substantially completed in the fall of 2020. Site restoration and landscaping is expected to be complete by the fall of 2021.

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Thomas Miles, P.E.
Principal Civil Engineer