Non-Homestead Exemptions


Properties of religious, charitable, and educational organizations, as well as units of federal, state and local governments, are eligible for exemption from property taxes to the extent provided by law. 


For details on how to qualify, please choose from the forms to the right.

To Apply:

  • Applications - All Non-Homestead exemptions must be filed via Smartfile. The parcel number must be on the application, any additional parcels must be filed separately, unless one legal description covers more than one parcel within the same township. Supporting documentation must be submitted in duplicate for each application. Pursuant to Illinois Department of Revenue, failure to complete and provide all evidence will delay final decision.
  • Affidavit for Tax Exempt Use - An affidavit for Tax Exemt Use must be submitted for all applications for Property Tax Exemption except property for State of Illinois or U.S. Government.
  • Photographs - Photographs (actual, not copies) must be uploaded to the application.
  • Notarization - Where applicable, applications should be notarized.
  • Notification of Units of Government - If the request for an exemption would reduce the assessment by $100,000 or more, the applicant or agent for the applicant must notify the Units of Government in their jurisdiction. A copy of the letters showing the notification of each Unit of Government must be submitted with the application at the time of filing along with completed certification form.
  • Deadline - Check the current Board of Review Rules for the final filing deadline.

35 ILCS 200/15-5 to 15-160