Capital Improvement Program

The Department of Public Works Capital Improvement Program identifies funding to plan, design and construct projects that are necessary to preserve, modernize and expand the water and wastewater systems under the jurisdiction of Lake County government. (Our Sanitary Sewer Systems and Our Water Distribution Systems). 

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Capital Planning/Programming Phase: In this phase, potential projects are identified for future inclusion into the 5-year capital program based on the strategic goals and priorities of the County Board and Public Works department. Staff also uses information from the Public Works Administration, Engineering, Maintenance and Operations departments as well as information from asset tracking, life-cycle analysis, functional studies, assessments on condition of water and sewer infrastructure, and initial high-level cost estimates and schedules to help build the capital improvement program.

Phase 1 (Planning): In this phase, the scope of the project is fully developed, survey work and environmental investigation is underway, coordination with affected agencies and the public begins where appropriate, the need for any property acquisition/easements is reviewed, design alternatives are developed and refined, concept work is completed and the final alternative is selected, initial cost estimates are updated and a project schedule is developed.  

Phase 2 (Design): In this phase, the final design of the project is underway, construction plans, specifications and contract documents are prepared, easements and agreements are secured where necessary, appropriate permits are obtained, project cost estimates and schedule are refined.  

Phase 3 (Construction): This phase consists of advertising for bids and the physical construction of the project. The construction contract is put out for bid and a contract is awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. The project is built and is inspected for compliance with the contract and standards while under construction.  

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