Gilmer/Old McHenry/Monaville

Limits: Gilmer Rd north of Fremont Center Rd, Old McHenry Rd south of Hawthorne Dr, and Monaville Rd east of Fairfield Rd

Description: Replacement of large deteriorated culverts in three locations: under Gilmer, Old McHenry, and Monavile Rds. One or more of these projects may require closure with detour.


Current Information

10/18/2021 - 

Gilmer Rd – Utilities have cleared at this location and a 10-Day closure will begin at 7am on 11/1/2021 and reopen on 11/10/2021.

Monaville Rd – Work is expected to begin in October.  This work will be done under traffic as Fairfield Rd & Monaville Rd remains closed.  This will avoid a second closure in that area after the roundabout is opened.

Old McHenry Rd – Utilities continue to work on relocations are this location.  A closure will be announce based on when utilities have cleared and as weather allows.

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