Capital Improvement Program

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The Stormwater Capital Improvement Program (STOCIP) is designed to identify and partially fund projects that resolve multi-jurisdictional drainage and flood damages and to preserve and improve water quality. This program includes projects to improve ditches, restore shorelines, provide stream maintenance and more. Projects are identified by the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (LCSMC).

Over the years, Lake County has experienced an increase in rainfall, causing significant damage to homes and businesses. These damages pose a threat to Lake County’s economic, environmental and social well-being. The STOCIP will allow improvements to Lake County that will eliminate and prevent these problems.

All STOCIP projects are categorized into three different phases of project readiness. Each project phase will have an estimated cost and projected phase completion date.

Phase 1: The process of a STOCIP begins with establishing a need and understanding the scope of the project. The need for each area is determined by taking field inventory, environmental assessments, and establishing land rights. Once all aspects are determined, SMC will obtain a preliminary agreement from local partners.

Phase 2: During this phase, SMC staff will conduct a land survey and geotechnical investigation to develop a project design. Once completed, SMC will obtain permits, which will allow them to begin construction as soon as the requirements in Phase 3 are met. Lastly, local partner agreements, funding sources, and construction plans are finalized.

Phase 3: The final phase consists of advertising for bids and the construction process. The contract for construction of the project is sent out to bid. Once the bidding is complete and a contract is awarded to the most qualified vendor, construction will begin.

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