Wadsworth Rd

Limits: Wadsworth Rd, beginning approximately 1500 feet east of Dilley's Rd (abutting the proposed intersection improvement) and continuing east to the Canadian Pacific railroad. The project will omit the US41 intersection.

Description:  Safety improvement to widen and resurface Wadsworth Rd, construct a frontage road and make repairs to the bridge over the Des Plaines River. Work will consist of earth excavation; the construction of storm sewer; aggregate subgrade; and concrete curb and gutter; pavement surface removal; hot-mix asphalt paving; the installation of guardrail; pavement markings and landscaping; and other related items.


Current Information

8/15/2020 - The contractor has completed the paving of the final surface on both Wadsworth Rd and the new Frontage Rd.  Final pavement markings have been installed.  This includes the new bike lanes.  Final landscaping has been completed, but touch-ups remain.  Sidewalk & signal work at US 41/Wadsworth Rd is currently waiting for permit approval from IDOT.  Once approved the remaining sidewalk and new traffic detection equipment will be installed.  New guardrail has been installed and only minor misc. items remain.

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