St Marys Rd

Limits: IL60 to IL176

Description:  Asphalt resurfacing of St. Mary's Rd adding bike friendly shoulders, ditchline drainage improvements, and reprofiling at the EJ&E RR pavement approach.


Current Information

10/18/2021 - St. Mary’s Rd reopened 10/16, one day ahead of schedule. During the closure, the CN railroad performed some necessary track repairs and our contractor reconstructed the pavement near the railroad tracks. At the same time, most of the new curb was poured and ditch grading was started. In the coming weeks, the contractor will continue grading ditches, start asphalt paving in front of the new curb, and will mill off the top layer of the existing pavement.

Traffic impacts: Please watch for flaggers, workers, and equipment while in the work zone.

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