Grass Lake Rd

Limits: Deep Lake Rd to west of US45 (in coordination with the Millburn Rd project)

Description: The project consists of asphalt resurfacing, the installation of bike-friendly shoulders and filling in sidewalk gaps on the north side of Grass Lake Rd., resurfacing of Millburn Rd adding bike friendly shoulders and drainage repair. Also includes drainage and resurfacing work on Main St (former US45) in Old Mill Creek.This work follows up the Millburn Bypass project, completed in 2019. In 2020, Millburn Rd from Main St to Hunt Club will be resurfaced. The project will replace drainage on Main St, including a 25-day closure for a large culvert replacement south of Millburn Rd, and installation of sidewalk on the north side of Grass Lake Rd starting east of Deep Lake Rd. In 2021, resurfacing Grass Lake Rd (Deep Lake Rd to west of new US45), resurfacing Main St, plus any remaining landscaping and punch list items for the entire project will be completed.


Current Information

10/29/2020 - The contractor has completed the paving of the new path and pouring of the new sidewalk/Curb with the exception of locations where utilities remain in the way or other item need to be completed first.  The path now connects to the existing LCFPD trail system at the Grass Lake Tunnel (Replaced sidewalk connection).  The contractor has completed the new sidewalk ramps at all crossings.  Final grading in preparation for landscaping is currently underway.  Two retaining walls have been installed along Grass Lake Rd.  The remaining sections of Millburn Rd along with the North section of Main St are scheduled to be finished by the end of next week.  Striping work has begun on Millburn and aggregate shoulder will follow.  Sewer trenches on south Main St have been filled.  Efforts are underway to begin preparing the project for the winter snow & plowing season.  The box culvert cannot be completed until the gas main has been relocated.  Grass Lake Rd and the south section of Main St are scheduled to be resurfaced in Spring 2021.

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