Solicitor Registration

Beginning July 1, 2015 a Lake County ordinance now requires individual solicitors conducting door-to-door business in unincorporated Lake County to register with the Lake County Clerk's office and carry a Certificate of Registration while working.

The ordinance:

  • Applies only to unincorporated Lake County
  • Is required for all vendors seeking door-to-door purchases or orders for any items or services
  • Provides exemptions for religious groups, candidates, and minors under the age of eighteen who participate in fundraising activities

Each solicitor must complete an in-person application at the Lake County Clerk's office:

  • Registration is free, but required annually
  • Accepted only during weekday business hours
  • Applicant must provide:
    • Valid government-issued photo identification
    • Own name, address, date of birth, and signature
    • Represented company name, address, and product

Solicitor Registration Form (PDF)

The Lake County Clerk's office will issue a Certificate of Registration at the time of application, and the certificate is not transferable to another person, business, or employer. There is no fee for applying or receiving the Certificate of Registration, but there will be a small cost for replacement copies. Certificates will automatically expire on December 31st of each year and must be renewed yearly by the solicitor.


Solicitors are required to:

  • Operate only between the hours of 11 AM and 7 PM
  • Carry own Certificate of Registration bearing an embossed county clerk seal
  • Observe “No Solicitation” signs
  • Respect occupant’s request if asked to leave
  • Deliver photocopy of certificate to Lake County Sheriff's Office, 25 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., Waukegan, Illinois

Residents should:

  • Ask to see the vendor’s certificate before engaging in any business
  • Report any violations to the Lake County Sheriff’s office (847-549-5200) where fines and penalties can be enforced

Other solicitation ordinances

For the solicitation ordinances within specific municipal, town, or village borders, check with the local officials of the district.