igrow Lake County

En español: igrow del Condado de Lake

igrow logo english spanishigrow Lake County is a home visiting service for expectant parents and families with new babies and young children up to 5 years old who live in Lake County. 

Babies do not come with instruction manuals.

The prenatal period and the first years of life are a critical time for the development of your child’s brain. Allow us to help your child reach his or her full potential!

How it works

Are you committed to being a great parent? Choose to participate in igrow! 
A trained home visitor will be matched with your family based on your needs. 

Home visitors provide free one-on-one family support and coaching to parents who may be inexperienced and often do not have family support. Home visitors provide services and support for you and your children in your home, where you feel most comfortable. 

Home visitors can help you:

  • Watch for developmental milestones
  • Communicate with your doctor about your child’s health and well-being
  • Facilitate fun learning activities that help you bond with your child 
  • Understand and respond to your child’s needs
  • Connect you with community resources

Watch a home visit

How to Enroll

Enroll your family and give your child a great foundation in life!
Call 847-377-8112 or email [email protected] to enroll today!

Why home visiting?

Families who participate in home visiting are more likely to read aloud, tell stories, say nursery rhymes and sing with their children. This builds listening, memory, and vocabulary skills.

igrow is an evidence-based program. That means that research shows that the home visiting model has positive effects on parenting.

Home visiting benefits:

  • Has a positive effect on parenting
  • Promotes family self-sufficiency
  • Connects families with medical providers
  • Promotes parent-child attachment
  • Reduces child maltreatment
  • Increases kindergarten readiness