Sanitary Sewer Cleaning

Lake County Public Works (LCPW) is proactive in maintaining its infrastructure. One method to ensure continued service and eliminate environmental impacts is to keep sanitary sewer pipes clean. In total, LCPW is responsible for nearly 470 miles of sewer pipe. Cleaning projects are often done in sections and can take several weeks to complete.    

During Cleaning

No chemicals are used. High-velocity water is sprayed against the internal pipe walls of the County’s sanitary sewer pipes, systematically removing accumulated grease, debris, and sediments.

The high water pressure may affect your home’s sanitary sewer plumbing. You may experience gurgling or bubbling water in the toilet bowl or you may smell sewer gas from your basement floor drains. If this does occur, flush your toilet, close your toilet lid and pour water into your floor drains. This does not damage your sewer system. The water that comes out is the water that is normally in the home’s system (drain traps), not the water from the sanitary sewer in the street.