Statement of Economic Interest Online Form


Logon information is provided to filers who are able to file online. Contact the County Clerk's office at (847) 377-2404 or [email protected] if you have been notified you are required to file and have not received logon information.

Online filing will be available the last week of February, after the Districts have certified the lists of filers who are required to file.
Contact the County Clerk's office at the phone number or email address listed above with questions.

SEI Filing online is closed as of May 1, unless you were recently elected to a new position and were not previously required to file.

This form is for people who are required to file a statement for a currently held office or position.
If you are a Candidate who is required to file a Statement of Economic Interest as a part of filing for Candidacy, go to the Candidate SEI Online Filing page.